Winter Evening, Oil Painting by Elena Velichkova

Throughout the years, numerous works of art in many lands were lost and forgotten, buried under the sands of time and their creators left with pain in their hearts as their labor was not seen and appreciated by anyone. Europe is one of the lands with centuries of cultural heritage that holds many precious art jewels waiting to be uncovered. With the help of the devoted members of our Artastate family, local artists can be confident that their paintings will be seen and enjoyed by people worldwide.


Our mission is to embrace all talented artists, welcome them into the Artastate family and help each one of them show their wonderful gift to the world. Join us is our quest to reach out to everyone who desires to revive art and help bring beauty and happiness to the people!  We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to promote and present our artwork to the world. Find acrylic, oil, watercolor original paintings for sale. Buy Orthodox Christian icons, art prints, photography and more unique art for sale.