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Rooster, Mixed Painting by Svetlana Taskova



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  • Size with frame: 17.0 x 15.0 inch / 43 x 38 cm
  • Materials: Unspecified. The mixed technique that the artist uses is a combination of many different textures. A complex combination of basic pictorial or graphic material. The most commonly used materials are; heterogeneous in structure of paper, textiles, laces, various types of ties, three-dimensional relief for a three-dimensional feel of the workpiece – even the signature is embossed, wax-like. Sometimes she also incorporates real banknotes and coins.
  • Hand-painted original painting: The perfect addition to any interior, this unique piece of art was painted by а European artist using top quality materials.
  • One of a kind artwork, signed by the artist: The painting is drawn in one single piece. The buyer will receive an original artwork. This unique piece of art will leave its legacy, signed by the artist in one of the corners or the back.
  • Worldwide delivery: All paintings are professionally packaged and ready to send to every part of the world with Certificate of Authenticity.

🎨 About the artist:
Svetlana Taskova is a Bulgarian artist. She was born in Plovdiv, where she still lives and works. She has finished her art education in the same city. She is a member of the Plovdiv Artists Society. Over the years, she has participated in manyl exhibitions and organized her own. Today she works in the artistic field, painting and drawing original art work. She works in both genres with equal interest. Her technique is strictly individual and specific. The paintings she creates are saturated with many different materials and textures. Impressive radiation makes the relief of the material that builds into them. This produces a mixture of styles that she can perfectly homogenize. The technique is called mixed, but many would call it something more than that. The picturesque materials she uses are oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, colored permanent markers and more. The graphic techniques are mainly subordinate to the drawing and the ink pen, masterly and with them. Her live paintings are truly exciting, which is why many of them are owned by many individuals and galleries around the world.

🎶 Please notice:
This hand painted original painting will be shipped to the buyer with a frame in box with Certificate of Authenticity. Due to different brand of monitors and devices, actual colors may be slightly different from the product image.

🍀 More details:
Are you tired of the dull blank metal and concrete environment the modern world ever so often presents us with? Are you willing to bring a splash of color and creativity into your home or office? Our rapidly growing Artastate family can help you do that. With just a few clicks you can obtain not simply an original painted drawing but a window to the artists realm, feel their emotions and live their fairytale. We are proud to say that helping people find happiness through art while supporting artists worldwide leave their mark in the world’s cultural heritage is Artastate’s main goal.

The perfect addition to any interior, this unique piece of art was painted by the Bulgarian artist Svetlana Taskova using top quality materials. With removable frame and sub-frame and signed by the artist, the painting will be ready to decorate your wall before you know it, as we spare no effort to make sure our parcels are securely packed and dispatched as soon as possible with an excellent airmail service worldwide.