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Bee, Photography Framed Art Print by Raina Sind



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  • Original photography: Each image is an original with the photographer’s unique vision of the world.
  • Professional art print: All photos are printed on a professional Katana Luster 290 Art Paper with a unique cover thus achieving very realistic look.
  • Handmade framed art print: All prints are placed on a white passepartout inside a wooden frame with black mat cover.
  • Protected and ready to hang: The front part is assembled with thin layer anti-reflective acrylic glass; the back is closed with a pasteboard to protect the print from damage. Specially made metal rope on the back allows wall hanging.
  • Worldwide delivery: All items are professionally packaged and ready to send to every part of the world.

🎨 About the artist:

Raina Sind is an established photographer from Bulgaria, EU. Her aim is to recreate her vision of the beauty of the World. She loves wandering around hard to reach places and natural landmarks, looking for the “perfect shot”. Raina is an appreciated member of Artastate Family and she had brought hope, smiles and love to many families all over the world, selling thousands of her photographs over the years.

🎶 Please notice:

All art prints on canvas will be shipped to the buyer in box with Certificate of Authenticity. Due to different brand of monitors and devices, actual colors may be slightly different from the product image.

🍀 More details:

Over the millennia, people were deeply connected to Nature, as it was their vital source of energy. In modern times, we are rapidly losing our primordial roots yet the genetic memories are showing us that being close to Nature can affect our lives in a positive way we would dare not imagine. It is proven that looking at a realistic picture or photography of a natural landscape can brighten our mood, rejuvenate us and make us face the busy everyday life with a smile. Our Artastate Family is ready to help you bring Nature into your home and restore your energy.