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Phoenix, Original Woodcarving by Nikifor Nikiforov



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  • Size: 48 x 14 x 4 cm / 18.9 x 5.5 x 1.6
  • Materials: massive wood, varnish
  • Handmade woodcarving: This artwork is made using by the method of carving on wood by the European artist Nikifor Nikiforov. In the production, the artist uses varnish that protect the work from the effects of time.
  • One of a kind artwork: Woodcarving made in one single piece. The buyer will receive an original artwork that will leave its legacy in time.
  • Worldwide delivery: All wooden artworks are professionally packaged and ready to send to every part of the world with Certificate of Authenticity.


Main Collection: Woodwork
Artist Collection: Nikifor Nikiforov
Tags: Woodcarving


🎨 About the artist:
My name is Nikifor Nikiforov. From a very early age I have a special feeling for wood and stone. It has always been a pleasure for me to create unique works of wood, entirely handmade. When I was 7 years old, one of the greatest masters of woodcarving in Bulgaria took me under his wing. Thanks to the techniques I learned from him, I have created hundreds of unique pieces that currently adorn private collections around the world. Artastate is my virtual business card in which I present my new creations.

🎶 Please notice:
This handmade woodcarving will be shipped to the buyer in box with Certificate of Authenticity.

Due to different brand of monitors and devices, actual colors may be slightly different from the product image.

🍀 More details:
Each piece of art from this artist starts its life from a local one century old forest. People from the village believe that this wood is sacred. Each and every three that has fallen from a thunder storm is an object of examination for the artist. In the moment the author meets the right piece of wood, in his head is being born the idea of how to give a new life to it.

With the help of the chisel he only removes the unduly, so that we can keep the soul of the piece of wood. If you would like to own a unique work of art, that will become the centre of energy in your home or office, this is the right author and piece of art for you.