Georgi Paunov - Paunec

Georgi Paunov - Pauneca was born on 5th of may 1944 year in a well known in Bulgaria health resort city Vyrshec. He was raised in a big family, he has two brothers and two sisters. His father was also an artist, a sculptor. The sculptures he made were so realistic, that people wondered why the people he made did not say hello.

"To be an artist is a heritage that me and my brothers have taken from our father. The artist is born an artist".

Since a very early age Georgi Paunov has interest in art. He was making sculptures from klay and mud. His teachers were complaining about him, that he was drawing in class. Georgi finishes special classes for becoming a mechanic and in his free time he is attending the classes of professor Galilei Simeonov, who teaches graphic in The Art Academy. With the help of the famous teacher Georgi starts his career as an artist when he is only 18 years old with his first Independent exhibition in 1962 year in his home town Vurshec. Since then almost every year he takes part in exhibitions more than 50 of which are Independent.

"I have a way of living every morning when I wake up, I take out my easel, pick a location and I start drawing. Some days I have painted 5 or 6 paintings. I have always had a inspiration to paint, and that is the only thing I do not get tired to do. I have never woken up without the desire to paint. How is that possible, you would as ask. If you love what you do it is possible. If you do not love it, you can't do it. Painting is my big love, and she has never cheated on me." - Georgi Paunov - Pauneca.

In 1962 until 1964 year Georgi Paunov has his military education where he also works as an artist. There he also finds new hobbies. He is constructing and asembling on his own guns and weapons, but he mainly takes pride in constructing two airplanes, he later flue by itself. In 1973 he leaves for Russia where he works cutting trees. After some time he finds a bulgarian newspaper which is published in Russia there is an advert in the newspaper about a competition about portrait, oil and graphic. He decides to participate and wins all prizes. He was offered a job in the House of culture like a set designer. Not long after that is made an exhibition in Moscow, Pauneca participates and his work win a gold medal and laureate rank. He participates in international art workshops with Rem Ermolin, Olga Dimitrievna Kujelenko. In 1976 he returns in Bulgaria.

"I did not take anything else from Russia but paintings and books."- Georgi Paunov - Pauneca.

After his military job he is making few Independent exhibitions in Vyrshec, Berkovica, Montana. In this period of time he takes part again in art workshops with artists- Valentin Kolev, Qhnadjiev, Seferov, Hans Liter from Germany and others. He receives gold medal of his home town Vyrshec and anniversary prize - 1300 years Bulgaria. Paunov is an authentic artist from the Northern west Bulgaria artists like Pavleto, Donyo Donev, professor Boicho Grigorov, professor Galiley Simeonov. Paunov participates in pleners in Bratislava, Hamburg, Nitra, Raec, Jilina. His colleagues Doncho Planinski says" Pauneca is one distinctive talent, which style can not be mistaken with the art of nobody else's artist. He is unsurpassable master of the oil paintings and the oil techniques. His paintings had toured around the exhibition halls in Hamburg, Bratislava, Moscow, Belgium, France and Italy.

In one moment Georgi Paunov decides to leave with his two sons Georgi and Emil for France. They settle in Korsica island. They paint in Bastilia, Kalvi, Bonifacio, Adjaksio and other french cities. He opens a private gallery and participates with 10 paintings in a prestigeus gallery in a city called Adjaksio. Together with his son Georgi they participate in joined exhibitions in the cultural centre in Paris. The paintings of Pauneca make the homes of collectors beautiful in Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, France, Slovakia, Greatbritain, USA, Belgium, Rumania, Italy, Czechia. He has 4 golden prizes from a prestigeus exhibitions. Georgi Paunov works for years to develop his personal style, he takes inspiration from the russian and the french impressionists. He is using the methods of the classical painting in his work.

He works using master rhyme technique, where you need to create a finished work from a sigle attempt. What is specific about his work is that he uses spatula to create the shape and the value of the objects. He paints mainly landscapes, portraits and still life but he creates wonderful, modern abstract paintings. His advice for the young people who now start drawing from nature. You can make an announcement with you work in every style but always take the modes from the real nature.

"One painting is drawn for a whole life and two hours"- Georgi Paunov - Pauneca.