Georgi Paunov - Son

He was born in 1963 on 19th of November in the picture like Balkan city Vyrshec, situated in the skirts of Old Maintain. He is drawing since a very early age. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Bulgaria in different cities like for example: Vyrshec, Montana city, Vidin, Lom, Kozlodui, Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Veliko Tyrnovo and many others. His painting has been purchase from many museums and art galleries in Bulgaria and Europe, also many private collections and Companies in the country and the whole world.

His paintings have been bought in countries like: England, Germany, France, Greece, Norway, Japan and Yugoslavia. He won a silver medal, certificates and prizes from participating in exhibitions. He has painted all icons in the Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius monastery in the village Spanchevci.

He has done also a reproductution of "The secret dinner" of Leonardo Da Vinci, which was ordered and is now owned by a minister. He is a honored member of the Association of Bulgarian artists called "Tenec" for the area of Montana. From 2007 he lives, work and paint on island Corsica - France. Since he lives there he has participated in more than 16 exhibitions. In Paris in 2013 he wins a Gold medal for the art installation in the Bulgarian cultural institute. The medal is given to him by the minister of Bulgaria Marin Raikov.

Since 2019 he returns to Bulgaria and for period of one year he has done more than three independent art exhibitions and twelve group exhibitions in different cities in Bulgaria. He continues to paint on the territory of Bulgaria in some of the most beautiful regions of the Northwestern Bulgaria near Vyrshec one amazingly beautiful but poor region of Bulgaria. He says that this region is kept in poor financial state on purpose by the government of Bulgaria.

"It is easier to help the blind see, than to tell the stupid one that he can see, if he opens his eyes." – Geoge Paunov-Son.