Miglena Kirilova

My name is Miglena Kirilova. I live and work in Bulgaria like a professional artist for more than 20 years. I love to use different techniques, styles and themes but my favorite subjects in general are flowers and women. Presently I am using in my paintings a special technique called ala-prime. This is a technique where you need to paint fast and not let the paints dry. In my case I am always painting in one breath and I do not stop until I finish the painting, this takes between 1 and 10 hours.

I am painting with oil paints Rembrandt, (the manufacturer gives warranty for a perfect fresh color that will last for 100 years). In some paintings I am mixing oil and acrylic paintings and add texture with special pastes. I love using a spatulas but I am only using it in the final stage. I am trying to have the movement of the shapes and the wind felt in my paintings. You can feel the contrast between warm and cold tones and the purity of the intense colors in my paintings. I put a lot of effort, passion in each and every one of my art works and I am happy if I manage to share with the people that observe my art work the excitement of the dancing colors and shapes, which I feel while I paint.