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Artastate is fast growing online gallery which represent international group of artists mainly based in EU. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to promote and present our artwork to the world.

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Find acrylic, oil, watercolor original paintings for sale. Buy Orthodox Christian icons, art prints on canvas, digital photos and more unique art for sale.



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No matter where you are - you will receive your order for free via International Tracked Priority Airmail.

Artastate - Free Worldwide Shipping

We have started almost a year ago and so far we had sold hundreds of beautiful art pieces all over the world. We have met people from The United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and many more beautiful destinations. From the beginning till now everything was perfect with the delivery.

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We were very surprised to meet new people and new friends. That’s all we want – to find new friends all around the world who want to admire our artwork. Custom orders are always welcome. Here you buy directly from the artist. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are online for you!