Salvador Dali – Inspiration and Life

It has been 116 years since the birth of one of the most intriguing Spanish artist Salvador Dali. He was born of 11th of May 1904 in Figeras, Spain. He was born in the family of wealthy scrivener. His first studio was built by his parents. Later in his life after he had met his wife Gala, they build their family’s house near city called Port Ligat, Spain. Many of his paintings depict this part of Spain.

Salvador Dali is not a self-thought artist, he studied in Municipally Art school . In 1916 he discovers the modern art during his vacation in Kadakes. When Dali is 13 years old in 1917 his father organizes an exhibition of Dali’s drawings made with charcoal.

Dali studies in Academy of  fine Arts in Madrid “San Fernando”, which he does not finish because of his arrogant statement that none of the teachers in the Academy is smart enough to mark his work.

In 1929 he meets his future wife Gala and her husband Pol Eluar. She becomes his muse and lover and not long after that his wife.

Dali becomes famous not only because of his art work but because of his looks. He always had an eccentric looks and long hair, and later in life the eccentric mustache which become his mark.

In 1931 Dali draws one of his most famous art work “Stubbornness of the memory” where he start drawing the soft running pocket watches. What he wanted to say by drawing the soft watches is that he rejects the statement that time is predestine.

In 1939 Dali shows his painting “Rainy taxi” realistically painted taxi with two mannequins in it. It was firstly shown in the gallery of fine arts in Paris during the international surrealism fair, organized by Andre Breton and Pol Eluar.

In 1940 while the Second World War tears Europe apart, Dali and Gala move to the USA where they live for 8 years. Dali is not only a world known artist but a writer as well. During the stay in the USA he writes a script for the film of Jan Gaben “called “Moon impulse”. In 1942 he publishes his autobiography “The secret life of Salvador Dali.

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I was impressed by Salvador Dali the artist and the person since a very early age. There aren’t many artist that paint with such a passion and have such a distinctive style, and never the less had stayed  with the same woman for their whole life, and used her as a muse in so many of his art work despite her age. The eye for details and realism in Salvador Dali’s work can only be compared with the work of our artists Angel Ivanov and Penio Ivanov also Tsvetelina Hristova.

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