Father and Son – Dimitar Voinov

Some of the most impressive Bulgarian contemporary artists, which really move the public with their detailed art and unique styles, are Dimitar Voinov father and Dimitar Voinov son. They both prove that talent is inherited and artist can manage well in life if they are really talented.

Dimitar Voinov father was born in 1946 in a village called Resen, Veliko Tarnovo in the north Bulgaria. In 1972 he had finished Applied graphic in the National Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria in the class of professor Aleksandyr Poplilov. After 1976 he works as an artist in the Bulgarian magazine “Homeland”, after that he works as an independent professional painting and graphics. From 1981 to 1985 he is working as an associate professor with subject “Painting” in the National Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Since 1986 he lives and works in Germany in a city called Rupertshain near Frankfurt on the river Main.  He has an art studio there and his artwork is highly valued across Germany.

He has more than 40 independent art exhibitions and he had taken part in art showrooms in Berlin, Frankfurt, Kioln, Duseldorf, Fraiburg, Visbaden, Bremen, Baden- Baden, Viena, Amsterdam, Luksenburg, Jeneva, Paris, Sofia and other.

The artist works mainly oil and acrylic paintings and sculpture, the main thing about his work is the professional way of combining classic art( in relation to the technique) there is more than one meaning of the forms he draws and the meaning of the images. His painting style, formed from his academic education is influenced from the big artists of the Renaissance. Dimitar Voinov father interprets biblical and mythical plots, which pulls you in their own world filled with symbols, mystic and erotica, his work overturns your concept.

Among his most famous art works are: “A bar in Paris”, “The smart teach from the wise, the stupid from their own mistakes”, “Game of cards”, “Leda and the swan” etc.

Dimitar Voinov son was born in 1971 in Sofia, where he finishes Special Secondary school for fine arts “I. PETROV” – Sofia in 1990, in 1997 had finished National Art Academy – Sofia. He has more than 40 independent exhibitions.

The artworks of Dimitar Voinov son implicate one different spirituality, and we often see in his work the image of a woman or a biblical element. About the materials he uses in his paintings, the artist answers with a modesty like so:

“The materials I use are the same like the great Leonardo, Rembrant, Karavadjo, Vincent Van Gogh, Picaso, Salvador Dali and many other modest geniuses have used to create their artwork in the past centuries. If I have to count them they are; frame, canvas, brushes and paints – just few things but absolutely enough to create a single art piece. I have always believed that a person who has found his talent does not need too many extras to express him. Dimitar Voinov son also says that he never liked giving advices because he believes that painting is 100 percent individual game and everything about it, is subjective.

He says: “I am myself in a constant search, in another attempt to find myself, in another attempt to over jump my own borders and restrictions of course not successfully” says with modesty my most favorite artist Dimitar Voinov son.

What he gives as an advice for all the people who would want to be artist panting on a big canvas is to enjoy and not to spare their strengths but to stand without secrets in front of the canvas. “Painting is for people, who can lose themselves, like the bird is letting the wind carry her in the sky, enjoying the flight” says the talented artist.

That’s all from me in this episode. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a pleasure for me. Look forward to my next post to learn something new and interesting from the art world.

Sincerely, Dany Partalska

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