The Genius Picasso – Live and Heritage

One of the classics and founder of a new trend in modern art is Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Born October 25, 1883, zodiac sign Scorpio. Spanish-born artist, sculptor and master of the press, set designer and writer. He lives and works mainly in France. Considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and co-founder of the “Cubism” style in art, he was also a co-founder of the collage technique and imposed and developed many other styles and techniques of painting and sculpture.

One of his most famous paintings is Guernica (painted 1937), a dramatic painting depicting the bombing of Guernica by the Italian and German air forces during the Spanish Civil War. Other famous paintings are “Girl in front of the mirror” created in March 1937, painted with oil paint in the style of “Cubism”. The painting is considered one of his greatest masterpieces, a portrait of his beloved wife. Picasso is known for his numerous partners, which explains his love for painting portraits of women. Another of his famous works, “The Dream”, was painted in oil on the afternoon of January 24, 1932, and is a portrait of his 22-year-old mistress. It was painted when Picasso was 50 years old. The painting belongs to the period of refracted reflection of the image with very simple contours and contrasting colors, representing the early “Cubism”.

During his childhood and adolescence, Pablo Picasso demonstrated super realism and detail in his drawing. Later, inspired by the artist Henry Mathis, he began to explore a broken style of work. The two artists start a fruitful race. Critics describe the two authors as leaders of modern art. Picasso’s work is divided into periods. While the names of many of his later periods are debatable, the most prominent periods in his work are the Blue Period (1901-1906), the Pink Period (1904-1906), and the Africa-Influenced Period (1907– 1909), analytical “Cubism” (1909-1912) and “Synthetic Cubism” (1912-1919) also called “Crystal Period”. Much of Picasso’s work in the late 1910s was in the neoclassical style, and his style in the mid-1920s was classified as “Surrealism.” In his later work he often combined elements of his earlier style.

Throughout his career, Picasso achieved world fame and an innumerable wealth of his revolutionary artistic style and works. He is one of the best known figures of art of the 20th century.

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