Jesus Christ, Christian Icon 12x8 inch / 30x20 cm

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  • Size: 11.8 x 7.9 inch / 30 x 20 cm
  • Materials: wooden panel, tempera paints, gilt, varnish
  • In the work, a gold slag metal is applied
  • Hand-painted Christian icon
  • Blessed in a church


Main Collection: Christian Icons
Artist Collection: Ani Georg
Tags: Hand-Painted Christian Icons


🎨 About the artist:

My name is Ani Georg. I practice art from childhood. The artwork is at the core of my life. I use a few different styles and techniques. I love painting with acrylic, pastels, watercolors and many others. I have sold paintings in many private collections around the world. Artastate is my online business card and gallery.


🎶 Please notice:

This hand-painted Christian icon will be shipped to the buyer in box with Certificate of Authenticity.

Due to different brand of monitors and devices, actual colors may be slightly different from the product image.

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