Jesus Christ, Christian Icon 12x8 in / 30x20 cm

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  • Size: 11.81 x 7.87 / 30 x 20 cm
  • Materials: wooden panel, tempera paints, gilt, varnish
  • In the work, a gold slag metal is applied
  • Hand-painted Christian icon
  • Blessed in a church


Main Collection: Christian Icons
Artist Collection: Ani Georg
Tags: Hand-Painted Christian Icons


🎨 About the artist:

My name is Ani Georg. I practice art from childhood. The artwork is at the core of my life. I use a few different styles and techniques. I love painting with acrylic, pastels, watercolors and many others. I have sold paintings in many private collections around the world. Artastate is my online business card and gallery.


🎶 Please notice:

This hand-painted Christian icon will be shipped to the buyer in box with Certificate of Authenticity.