Hearts, Original Woodcarving by Lyubomir Andonov

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  • Height of the elements:
    1st - 25 cm / 9.8 inch
    2nd - 21 cm / 8.3 inch
    3rd - 17 cm / 6.7 inch
  • Materials: massive coniferous wood, finish teak oil
  • Handmade woodcarving: This artwork is made using by the method of carving on wood by the European artist Lyubomir Andonov. In the production, the artist uses finish teak oil that protect the work from the effects of time.
  • One of a kind artwork: Woodcarving made in one single piece. The buyer will receive an original artwork that will leave its legacy in time.
  • Worldwide delivery: All wooden artworks are professionally packaged and ready to send to every part of the world with Certificate of Authenticity.


Main Collection: Woodwork
Artist Collection: Lyubomir Andonov
Tags: Woodcarving


🎨 About the artist:
My name is Lyubomir Andonov. Ever since i was old enough to understand what i want to do when i grow up i knew woodworking was in my head. Once I've started doing it, I've realized it's in my heart too. The way wood changes over time, the smell, the curves and all, is everything i want from live. Always wanted to do something different than everyone else as a hobby. With time, without even realising turned into a job. I never been in school for it im self-taught and I'd like my skills to arouse with each piece im making. Artastate is giving this opportunity.

🎶 Please notice:
This handmade woodcarving will be shipped to the buyer in box with Certificate of Authenticity.

Due to different brand of monitors and devices, actual colors may be slightly different from the product image.

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