The Story of a Painting: “At the End of the World”

Dear friends and followers of Artastate, we would like to inform you that it is a great pleasure for us to present you our new section – “The Story of a Painting”. Through our Blog of Artasate, we will tell you stories that are related to the idea of the birth of a work. We hope you like it!

Like any story, this one will begin with a plot close to the existence and life path of a person – an artist.The painting is called “At the End of the World” and was created by an extremely talented artist – Ivanka Aleksieva. Here is her story:

“Hello, the idea to create this work dates back to 1996, when I was traveling to a distant country. Every morning I would get up to watch the sunrise from the terrace of the small bungalow we were staying in, and that made me feel free. One day we received a call that we would go through a long transition to see a place that locals say is called “At the End of the World.”

They call it that because if you look into the distance you will find that there is nothing, as if you are standing at the end of the world and there is nothing after that. A lone tree fighting for its life revealed the unique tale we call nature. It was lonely, just like me at the time. There were people around me, but my soul was lonely. The fisherman was also lonely, tying his boat to a tree every morning and returning to a nearby hut in anticipation of the next day when he would be able to fight for his life and livelihood.

The beauty of this place was magnificent, the feeling of being there was unique. That’s why I decided to keep this memory on canvas. One morning I woke up early, it was dark, I crossed this distance by myself, carrying my brushes and oil paints with me, as well as a canvas on which to keep the memory. I waited for the sunrise by the shore. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen. It was majestic, it was, something no one had ever shown me before. The beauty of being there, somewhere, alone, at the end of the world was so inspiring that this memory remained in my creation and will be there for the rest of my life.

I left this memory on the canvas and I would like to share it with more people, although the day I was truly free will not disappear from my creation – it will be a pleasure for me if someone else shares this emotion and brings it home. So we will be two who have experienced a wonderful sunrise – one who carries the sunrise in his creation and one who has taken the original from a canvas on which I put my emotion. Thank you.”

Dear friends, this was the story of “At the End of the World”. We hope you enjoyed our story. The next story is coming soon.

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